Character Level Ups
  • You grow more powerful as your stats increase though level-ups in Return of Warrior.
  • You can earn experience required for level-ups by fighting monsters or/and completing quests.
  • You must earn required experience points for each level in order to level-up and gain certain stats.
  • You can track your progress to the next level with the white experience bar.
  • Press [U] to see more information such as your earned experience points and required experience points for the next level-up.

  • Stat Points
    • Each character automatically gains certain primary stat points at each level-up based on the class. Each class has two primary stats.
    • Each character receives 2 additional bonus points along with the primary stats increase at each level.
    • Two stat points are required to increase a primary stat while one stat point for a non-primary stat.
    • Note: Ak'Kans do not receive any additional bonus points until they change their initial class to the specialized class.
    85 神斧虐天下 35585
    85 臥春 34752
    85 No_問問_oN 30178
    85 乳不巨何聚人心 29145
    85 花神精 28853
    85 -大老闆- 26748
    85 身嬌體軟易推倒 23414
    85 水行俠 23353
    85 淺笑 23336
    85 北絕無歡 22561