Trade with Other Players
The trade system allows you to exchange items or/and gold with your friends and the other players.
  • Target a player, then hold down [Shift] and left-click. This will bring up the player interaction menu. Select 'Trade'.
Once the other player accepts the trade, the trade inventories appear.
  • Shows the trading partner's name.
  • Places items into your trade inventory.
  • Places gold into your trade inventory.
  • Once you have both agreed, both players must click on the lock icon to confirm. Press the 'OK' to complete the trade.
  • Once the trade is completed, the items and gold transfer to your respective trade inventory.

  • screenshot
  • You must move these items into your inventory to make the trade inventory disappear.
    85 神斧虐天下 28125
    85 臥春 25262
    85 No_問問_oN 24312
    85 水行俠 23353
    85 乳不巨何聚人心 22803
    85 淺笑 22390
    85 我的頭別打 22063
    85 身嬌體軟易推倒 21496
    85 -大老闆- 20925
    85 花神精 19526