Trade with Other Players
The trade system allows you to exchange items or/and gold with your friends and the other players.
  • Target a player, then hold down [Shift] and left-click. This will bring up the player interaction menu. Select 'Trade'.
Once the other player accepts the trade, the trade inventories appear.
  • Shows the trading partner's name.
  • Places items into your trade inventory.
  • Places gold into your trade inventory.
  • Once you have both agreed, both players must click on the lock icon to confirm. Press the 'OK' to complete the trade.
  • Once the trade is completed, the items and gold transfer to your respective trade inventory.

  • screenshot
  • You must move these items into your inventory to make the trade inventory disappear.
    85 舔憨憨 10010
    85 歐吉熊 10000
    85 神斧虐天下 10000
    85 北絕無歡 10000
    85 美髮師 10000
    85 喵姆薩斯 10000
    85 人生如浮雲 10000
    85 淺笑 10000
    85 亞路協斯 10000
    85 專坦懦夫的廢柴 10000