Download the ROW client and install it on your PC..

Click the download banner to download the ROW Full Version client.

Select and launch the ROW Full version client to begin the installation procedure.

Click on 'Next>' to continue.

Designate a patch where the ROW is to be installed.
(Default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Youxiland\ROW)

Click on 'Install' to begin the actual installation.

Wait for installation.

Click on 'Finish' to exit the installation program. If 'Launch the program' is checked, Automatically Launch launcher of ROW.

After the installation procedure has completed, you will have the ROW shortcut on your desktop.
85 神斧虐天下 35585
85 臥春 34752
85 No_問問_oN 30178
85 乳不巨何聚人心 29145
85 花神精 28853
85 -大老闆- 26748
85 身嬌體軟易推倒 23414
85 水行俠 23353
85 淺笑 23336
85 北絕無歡 22561